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Whatever charity is close to your heart and however you want to fundraise, Brighter Futures gives you the ability to create your own online fundraising page. You can raise and collect money online and offline and ensure it gets to the charity quickly. Brighter Futures will also match up to $500 each year for your fundraising efforts to help you have an even bigger impact.

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Dollar Matching

As a Suncorp employee you are eligible to apply for up to $500 in Dollar Matching each financial year through Brighter Futures.

You can fundraise for any event as long as the beneficiary is a registered charity, and we’ll match your fundraising!

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3 simple steps for Dollar Matching

  1. Complete your fundraising activity for your charity of choice
  2. If you are fundraising offline, donate the money raised to the charity and obtain an official charity receipt
  3. Complete a Dollar Matching application, attach the receipt OR include the link to your fundraising page and submit

It is recommended that you submit applications, either once you have reached $500 in donations, or once you have completed your fundraising.  The amount you have raised at the time of completing the application will be the amount that will be matched, to a maximum of $500.

Dollar Matching Terms & Conditions

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Top Tips for Dollar Matching Apply for Dollar Matching

Set up a fundraising page

  1. Set up your own fundraising page or search for a fundraising event near you, enter a few details on the sign up screen then create your fundraising page.

  2. Personalise your page by adding a profile picture and write a short personal story.

  3. Share your page with family, friends and colleagues to receive donations online. Or, if you are fundraising offline then use the ‘Give Now’ button to deposit the funds you’ve raised onto your page.

  4. Download our fundraising kit and resources to help maximise your fundraising efforts.